Looking for a few extra mailbag questions. Send em this way.

Who is more likely to have a better sophomore year: Walton or Irvin? What will Doyle’s contribution be? Far down the road, who will be Michigan’s next head coach? I say Lavall Jordan.

With the loss of many meaningful minutes this offseason, I’m particularly concerned that the defense will continue to languish. What areas of the defense do you think can get better? Do you anticipate different defensive schemes to match this year’s personnel (more/less zone, 1-3-1 vs 2-3, etc)? Obviously we have lost a lot of rebounds with graduation, a transfer, and early entries, but it’s the on-ball defense that was always the weakest link last year. Is there hope that that can be improved?

That’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for, thanks guys.

With the addition of Donnal to the lineup will we see more pick and roll or pick and pop this year? Or will the offense be tweaked to accommodate having 5 shooters on the fl