Mailbag time (1/4/15)

Thursday game leaves a bit of time for a mailbag. Post your questions here.

How much zone are we likely to see against Purdue?

Michigan’s kenpom numbers are 19th in offense and 63rd defense. Assuming LeVert returns in the next couple games, which number is the team more likely to rise over the next 10 games? (By the way, those numbers are almost identical to the final numbers for 11-12 (19 and 61)).

With the step up in competition the next three games, will the previous struggles exposed by other ranked teams resurface, or can we expect some realistic improvement?

How big of an impact is it making to have Irvin return to his last year form of good shooting, driving, and distributing? I guess I mean that as in where does that open up other options in the offense.

Given the struggles we’ve seen so far against disciplined, athletic teams, has this team made strides tactically or otherwise to get competitive against top 25-type teams?

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Using your advanced analytics, which top team would you say we have the best chance to defeat based on our strengths/weaknesses vs. there’s, during the tough upcoming stretch vs. Iowa/Maryland/Purdue.

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That’s a great question, I second this. ^^^^^

I’m trying to make sense of Michigan’s big man recruiting. Seems that Beilein has decided that Doyle, Wagner, Donnal and Wilson can only play the 5, and they all have eligibility left after this season. Why add 2 more to the mix for the 5 position? That’s half your scholarships competing for 40 minutes a game total. Am I missing something?

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With the recent emergence of Mark Donnal (a player many thought to be a potential transfer after this season), which player(s) is the most likely to leave the program early? Correct me if I’m wrong, but we are currently on track to have 14 scholarship players (1 above the allowed amount) for next season and we need to lose at least one player to attrition in order to bring in our most recent recruiting class.

On the whole, what is your take on the effect of the new rules overall, and on Michigan in particular?

With the emergence of Mark Donnal, what role do you see down the line for Ricky Doyle, Moritz Wagner, and D.J. Wilson?

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