Mailbag Questions (1/25/2016)

Need a few mailbag questions for this week.

OK, who’s the mostly likely to declare for the NBA draft? I don’t think anyone will declare, but it’s probably Duncan who would be most attractive at this point, Great irony there…

The team hasn’t been as good at avoiding turnovers as vintage Beilein Michigan teams, which I attribute in part to Caris’s absence, perhaps Spike’s as well. Are Derrick, Zak, and MAAR just a little more TO-prone than past ball handlers? Any other reasons? And will the team turn this around?


It seems that guys like Walton, Caris, and Dawkins give up the drive more easily than one would think given their quickness in other areas of the game. How much of this is due to their lack of development in on-ball defense versus playing with a lack of traditional rim protecting big man? If it’s more the latter (endemic to the system), how does Michigan improve going forward? Is this maybe where the occasional struggles with Caris in the lineup actually comes to bear (pushes MAAR to the bench)?

Looking at this summer’s B1G attrition, and the fact that we have reached 5-2 in B1G play without the two guys we will be losing (Caris and Spike), I am feeling dangerously optimisitc about next year. Seems like a lot of B1G talent will be graduating and cashing in. I am admittedly ignorant to most of the B1G’s recruiting classes, other than that MSU is bringing in a Kentucky-esque class. Looking more at roster turnover and less at predicting player development, where do you think we stand, next year?

Any recruiting info or updates for 2017 class? I’m sure there’s a lull but any rumblings you know of?

When will Caris be back? Just kidding…:laughing:

What impact will the return of Caris LeVert make on Zak Irvin, Derrick Walton, Muhammad Ali Abdur Rahkman, and Mark Donnal?

Looking ahead to next year, John Beilien typically likes to use a 8 man rotation, what do you think that will look like next year?