Mailbag (Preseason)

Working on a preseason mailbag after media day. Let’s get some questions.

What improvements do you expect to see from each returning role player, if any? And what do you expect each freshman to bring to the table, for the 2016-17 season?

Can you go over what Donlon has done with his defenses in the past and where we can expect changes in philosophy?


Who is more likely to be in the rotation by conference play: Ibi or DJ? Also, who is more likely to redshirt: Teske or Davis?

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Will there be another public scrimmage and selfie night?

Seems the board is torn between -

  1. we were a tourney team ly and bring everyone important back and add studs or
  2. we were avg at best last year and downgraded our bench to freshmen

What would a This Yr/Last Yr comparison of everyone returning and the new guys vs whoever occupied that role ly look like and your thoughts on position by position decline or improvement.


Best and worst case scenario for this team?

A few things I’ve been wondering…

  1. Which non-conference game should provide the best barometer of this team’s prospects in conference play OR which non-conference game presents the best matchup for Michigan to earn a “résumé” win?

  2. Any chance X could actually challenge Walton Jr for the starting PG spot?

  3. Wagner or Donnal. Who do you think starts?

  4. How likely are we to see more transition play this year?

Ohhh 2 and 4 are good questions. I could totally see us rolling our X-Walton-MAAR-Zak-Wagner (my pick for who’s starting at the 5 by conference play) vs smaller teams. I doubt X just straight up benches Dwalt, but it’d be cool if he was that much of a stud. And that smaller lineup would be great for pushing the ball for layups, though I’m not sure if there was a higher-yield shot than a Duncan 3 in transition.

Will Duncan Robinson guard 4’s this season? I don’t remember him doing so last season.
I guess a corollary would be can Duncan Robinson guard anybody?
I like Robinson as a player; I just hope he can be adequate somewhere on D.

If Michigan can land Bamba, how will they use him? From his highlights, he seems pretty versatile but he definitely likes to do old-school work in the post with his back to the basket. Do you think Michigan would adjust their system to feed him down low or are they more likely selling him on developing his PNR & stretch-five capabilities?

Wagner or Donnal to start at center?

Who will get more minutes as the backup forward Ibi Watson or DJ Wilson?

@umhoops great answers in the mailbag!

I think the Teske/Davis question may end up being more important than many of us initially predicted… the frontcourt will find itself in foul trouble from time to time, especially if the interior defense gets tougher. Personally I like what Teske adds as a shot blocker, and from the limited practice footage he seems to move better than AD at this point.

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Couple of questions if you wouldnt mind:

1 What improvements do you expect to see on the defensive end?
2 Your take on Charles Mathews
3 How do we get better at recruiting?