Mailbag (July 2016)

Working on a Mailbag for next week… any questions? Submit em here.

Who’s the next Michigan target that is expected to commit, not necessarily to us but just in general? Also, you’ve probably done more scouting on DJ Wilson than most of us while he was in high school, what would you say is a realistic expectation for him as he moves to the 4?

What position do you think Charles Matthews plays at UM? Any significance to the fact that he’s listed as a guard while, say, Ibi Watson is listed as a guard/forward?

Who is the next 18 recruit to get an offer, does Cormac get one at the Elite Camp?

What changes are you seeing in MBB recruiting now that the new assistants are in play? How have we adjusted our approach good or bad?

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If Mark Donnal has a good season in 16/17, can he be reclassified to stay another year? And do you think this is likely?

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Do you think any of our centers (Donnal, Wagner, Teske or Davis) will see spot minutes at the 4 this year as a third option?

Is there a little frustration with Harbaugh’s allegiance to Crean in the Beilein camp? I could have sworn I saw a tweet from Patrick Beilein that sounded resentful after Harbaugh visited the Indiana locker room here. And now Harbaugh is admitting he roots for Crean to beat us. Do the football and basketball coaches need to get along or like each other?

it was pretty obvious to me that MAAR was our best player down the stretch last year…if he matches his play from last year or surpasses it, what are his chances of being drafted at the end of the season.

Who picks up that role of playing behind Zak and Duncan next season?

Is the starting center job safe for Mark Donnal or is he in danger of losing it to Mo Wagner?

I am surprised that it doesn’t seem like coach is looking for any grad transfers to play immediately this season. Do you expect any additions to help the roster and play for this upcoming season?

What are the chances that Michigan lands a five star player (Wilkes, Bowen, or Jackson)? Given the current player & commits, it is easy to see where Jackson fits into rotation, but how would landing Wilkes or Bowen affect a projected lineup?

Wilkes seems like the only one of those three that is realistic. But chances don’t seem high and I believe he’s making a spring decision.

Great mailbag, especially your answer to the last question. I think that will clear up some misconception people have about the 4 in general.:+1: