Mailbag - (1/30)

No mid-week game this week… Time for a mailbag. Post your questions here.

In your opinion, how have the new assistant coaches done in thier first year?

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If you could pick one type of player to add in this offseason that would help us the most next season, whether recruit or grad transfer, what position are they and what skillset would they have?

Big 10 POY & COY if the season were over mid-way?

Beilein said that MSU has better depth than we do, which I thought was strange since they have two guys out with injuries and are playing former walk on Van Dyk. If true, is it because they recruited better players (even the walkons), have developed them better or because they have given them more game experience (even if that was out of necessity)?

What in games needs to improve to win games and safely make the tournament other then defend?

I have a thought on how to get more value out of Donnal/Teske. When they are on the floor they should be setting the defensive tone by fouling HARD any attempts to drive the lane. If one or both fouls out, who cares? I’d rather they set the tone and potentially save Wagner (and to a lesser extent Wilson) from foul trouble when those two are clearly more valuable to our offensive game. I’m tired of our bigs incurring soft fouls that end up an and-1, I want to see our opponents missing their shot attempt (or not even getting it off) and slow to pick themselves off the ground. Is this never going to happen because the BIG10, and Michigan specifically, play a gentlemen’s game?

Any explanation for why they seem to want to guard the baseline inbound play with the inbounders defender turning his back to the sideline instead of contesting between the inbounder and the basket? I’ve seen it a few times with both guards and the big guys and think it’s odd. Maybe a fluke or something I’m not aware of?

Other than Mohamed Bamba, is there any 2017 prospects to keep an eye on?

When is the next recruiting update/article on commits and on targets for the next few classes? That’s for 17,18, and maybe even 19 classes. Seems like it’s been awhile and just curious who are some early targets n such.

What’s your definition of “good?”


Your opinion on 30 second shot clock?
Your opinion on how 30 second shot clock has affected Michigan?

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Who are some other midranked schools in P5 conferences and how do their resumes compare to UM? How big will the bubble be this year?

What’s your take on how the recent Michigan players are doing in the NBA? Are you surprised at how Burke and McGary are doing/did?