Magic Interested in Tom Izzo

Thought this might be worth its own thread :eyes:

It’s unlikely that anything comes of this, but with the trash fire that is going on at MSU right now…

The Magic are owned by the DeVos family, so that’s some kind of connection.

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0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% chance


Yeah, if it was a better NBA team, I think he might entertain the idea given everything that has been going on at MSU, but he isn’t leaving to coach a team where Evan Fournier is the best player.

I can’t get my hopes up, but I was looking forward to seeing how that sales pitch that Johns, Weems, and Watts weren’t feeling would go over with NBA Free Agents.

I dunno…seems like a good fit to me… :joy:


Ben Carter is already looking at Orlando-area housing.


I hear he’s looking squarely in the middle of town. “Feels right” he says.

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Until now, I just couldn’t see him visiting–much less staying there, yet there he is!

Izzo will have Tum-tum as his backup point guard


welp it was fun while it lasted

It’s probably Aaron Gordon, who seems primed to be a star someday, but obviously they still suck anyway.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t jump now, the opportunity may never come again. And things are not exactly trending up in East Lansing right now.

I doubt he makes a move. Instead, he’ll probably hold a big press conference to talk about how much he loves MSU, and that he’s staying.

You never know, though. I’d at least have to say the circumstances for a departure now are better than they have been in past years.

Whole thing was BS