Made a few updates to the forum over the last 24 hours

Apologies if there was any downtime.

The most notable change is getting rid of those confusing file not found errors when you try to navigate to a thread that is in the subscriber section of the forum if you aren’t logged in or aren’t a member.

Let me know if anything looks wrong or you have any issues.

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On mobile (Android, Chrome if that matters), there are huge UMHoops logos in front of the names for posts about specific recruits. Everything still works, but they really change the view of the page in a weird way. The same thing does not show up on desktop.

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That should disappear in time, was testing something out that got removed. Must still be cached for some.

Funny you say that, as I was refreshing the page on my phone to try and attach an image as an example, they’re now gone.

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