Louisville 2013


Interesting story about whether Louisville’s 2013 title could be vacated. http://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2016/10/20/university-of-louisville-receives-ncaa-notice-allegations-basketball-program/91603198/


I was just reading this same article. I realize the amount of money is different, but the concept is not from what happened with the Fab Five. Especially since this was a staffer and not just some outside alumni. But with the Fab Five all the benefits were (I believe) post recruiting. Louisville’s appears to be a recruiting mechanism, which from a competition perspective is much worse.

On another note, this only confirms many of our suspicions that the reason Michigan under John B. is not landing some of these elite guys has little to do with basketball and personality as much as morals, ethics and fringe benefits. I have been to Lexington and it shouldn’t be bringing “all the boys to the yard” that it does. Kentucky does have history. But are current players that interested in history? I digress. Let’s raise a glass to 3 and 4 year development and the occasional diamond in the rough (Burke, Stauskas, Levert).



Call me a weirdo but when the title is officially vacated I would be proud to re watch the title game, which I thought we won anyway–in crisler–in honor of our clean program and our fantastic team that year.




haha would love to see this happen. It won’t happen but would love to play WSU next year…


Ugh. Now if only we can go back in time and correct this injustice :



I love how open and blunt Marshall is about the “sad situation”.

Also Burke, Hardaway, Stauskas, Levert, GRIII, McGary would destroy Van Vleet, Early, Baker


Even with McGary playing in bowling shoes? I don’t know…haha


Was just telling a friend the same thing. Itd be a fun, exhausting, exercise to go back and see who the best team of current pro players, consisting of teammates from one college season, would be. Unfortunately, I think Kentucky/Duke would make the “best team of current pro players who all played for the same college” would make that exercise less fun.