Looks like we are getting a commitment this week


Didn’t want to bump my other thread up, but Disqus is working for me today…sometimes I guess you just need to have patience and let it work out itself.

Anyway, I’m assuming rickdun is referring to Grantham. This would be a very good pick up for us. I am more impressed with the scouting video that was posted here - Grantham - than the video we previously saw.

Assuming we get Grantham, my ideal finish to the class would be Blackmon and Bolden, as unlikely as either may be. I really think we can’t go wrong, and would be very happy to close with Wilson and Chatman (I was equally more impressed with the recent Wilson scouting video than previous video we’d seen of him).

Could worse-case scenario be closing the class with Grantham, Wilson, and Bess? If so, that still fills needs and probably adds some stability to the class and may set up monster '15 and '16 classes. This is absolutely no disrespect to Grantham, Wilson, and Bess. I think they are very good players and will do very well…it’s more a testament to the level of players we’re recruiting.