Looking ahead to Michigan/OSU

Hey all - Ohio State is coming to Crisler Arena Saturday just trying to keep it’s head above water. I’m curious if playing on Michigan’s home floor will give them a good energy level or not. If the energy is there, I’d like to see if they can effectively work together.

A few players are nicked up and the team attitude is not exactly exemplary. JaQuan Lyle was not in foul trouble but was on the floor for just eight minutes total in the second. I wonder about him and if he may have checked out of this season already. Through Thad Matta’s comments he does not seem to know what else, as a coach, to do for his team. I have yet to see the Iowa game to know how bad it was but it was publicized and admitted that JaQuan was ripping his teammates during the game.

I could go on with that angle but I think you get the picture.

An OSU five of Jae’Sean Tate, Marc Loving, CJ Jackson, Kam Williams and freshman, Andre Wesson, was an effective group against Maryland in the second half. Possibly they’ll see time as a unit against UM.

Jae’Sean Tate is the one OSU player who seems to bring it each and every game.

If UM gets up early on Ohio State Saturday the game could head toward a similar outcome the Wolverines experienced when they hosted Indiana. I would love for this to be a great game to watch but I have my doubts OSU can meet the challenge. This team has as much of a Jekyll/Hyde personality as I’ve ever seen a Matta coached team have. Not good.


The small OSU lineup is interesting… Takes away Moe Wagner’s ability to drive and can he guard Tate? I noticed that last night as well.


As a fan you just never know who will show up for OSU on a given night. Those kids played well enough last night. Can they extend that measure of cohesiveness another game?

Tate is a difficult guy to guard for anyone.
Wagner may have to set up his shots a little differently playing against that specific OSU unit but he seems to have quality counters available.

From that list of OSU players, Andre Wesson is starting to make strides. He’s a kid who’ll be a building block for Ohio State’s defense in seasons to come.

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Maybe if that is the case DJ sees the 5 a bit? Should be interesting

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I have no idea what will happen. I’m not in a good place about my team. I know DJ can cause a lot of different types of problems for opponents.

It’s possible JaQuan Lyle may not play tomorrow. He injured his ankle yesterday and will not participate in practice workouts today.

Side note - --umhoops-- Good look at tomorrow’s game in your Ohio State at Michigan preview on the blog. Myself not usually paying attention to metrics I learned a few things about OSU I didn’t know.

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Wagner is getting better about posting up and his teammates are getting better at feeding him. If OSU goes small I hope and think they will exploit that match up.

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Side note, any word on recruits visiting? Big game against a rival on Sat night hopefully good crowd.

Definitely could happen.