Looking ahead to 2017-2018 roster


I expect Simmons to be the clear-cut and undisputed leader of the team.


I hope not because I don’t think that will be good for our early season prospects. I can’t imagine it will be easy for a new guy to come in and immediately take charge. I’d imagine it would take til B1G season for that to happen.


Figured OSU would be the favorite to get him if he does choose to open it back up, guy can hope right.

Any thoughts in renewed interest with Christian David?


He doesn’t need to take charge. He just needs to get them open shots. If he does, the leadership will follow.


Wagner has a long way to go to be a leader. He’s an emotional guy and that is invaluable but Duncan is the person with the most mastery over their offensive and defensive concepts and the senior who can provide a focused calm.


I feel like I’m in the minority in saying that Duncan’s defense improved to the point of average by the end of last year. But to say that he is the person with the most mastery of the defensive concepts is a bit of a reach, no?


Who do you expect will be talking and getting them organized? Matthews could I suppose. I just don’t see MAAR taking on that role, or Wagner. I think Robinson is a smart guy and smart reduces a lot of the athletic deficiencies in college ball.


I think it’s important to differentiate between knowing the defensive concepts and being physically able to excel at them. I have no clue if his defensive IQ is good or not (I’m awful at analyzing defense), but as a guy with 4 years in the program who seems quite intelligent I’m guessing it can’t be too much of a reach.


I have vivid memories of Mo chewing out Duncan for a mistake on the court. Mo has the personality to boss people around, it’s a lot harder for Duncan. Also, Duncan gets down on himself and that’s a bad trait for a court leader. So I see Mo as a court leader before Duncan, although there’s certainly important things that Duncan will do as an experienced senior, same for MAAR.

Simmons is a different situation. As a point guard and assist man, he sets up the offense. But it’s his first year at UM and he doesn’t know the system or the personalities on the team. So he may not be the guy to pick up the team when things are going poorly.


I had to read that twice because your description of Robinson would be mine of Wagner. If he emerges as the take charge leader I’d be happy but that’s a big leap for a guy whose emotions often took him out of games. Robinson has spent two years deferring to upperclassmen. The leadership role is there for him to take. He has the basketball brain, experience and maturity. In my opinion he understands his limitations and will understand how he can use his strengths. We will see if he has the personality.