Looking ahead to 2017-2018 roster


Prefer Cam


Cam is going to UNC.


Always wonder if JB has a Euro in mind.

Also seems like the pay sites have an update on Ignas potential plans?



Question @umhoops , do you not want us posting full stuff from pay sites (I noticed that thing from scout got deleted)? Is it alright if I just quote a sentence or two of note in them in the future?


As a rule, don’t post full copy pastes or screenshots or anything like that from pay sites. You can link to stuff or whatever else and reference the general theme of stuff, but yeah no copying and pasting, etc.


Gotcha, my bad.


Any chance we circle back with Kyle Young if Holtmann heads to OSU?


That would be hot.


Would have to see but he’s an Ohio guy and OSU might look more appealing now that his coach is there as well.


I think we’d have a good shot. I’m still a believer he chooses us over butler if livers doesn’t sit down first. Now that he’d have a clear shot to minutes against another frosh and undersized Duncan, I think we’d be a big player if we jump back in and he decides to leave.

Kyle was one of my favorites in the 17 class. I think he’d have a good shot of being our pf of the future. Particularly with his strengths matching up with what we’re lacking.


What would that process look like in terms of getting back involved? Can Kyle leave without hassle since his coach is leaving and remain in 17 class without sitting out anything?


Unless he hated OSU for some reason and/or just fell in love with what Butler offered regardless of who the coach was, I’d think he’d be more likely to follow the coach he committed to than come our way. But maybe the DJ decision would cause him to consider some things.


I agree with the first part, and all indications were that OSU was in good shape with him (along with us and Purdue), but obviously he chose Butler. I doubt DJ played much of a factor in his original commitment, as at that time it was very questionable whether DJ was going to be a solid contributor at the 4 and thus a roadblock to his playing time in '17/18. If anything, I think us taking Livers is what sealed the deal for ruling us out of the Young recruitment. However, maybe seeing how much we could improve DJ’s stock in just 1 year of serious playing time might persuade him to consider us more strongly than a year ago when we weren’t as known for putting 4’s in the NBA.


As an aside to this, and I know that his defense is pretty poor…but I feel like we’re really dismissing Duncan as a valuable option at the 4 this year. The kid is very basketball savvy, and obviously is a threat offensively that has to be taken seriously at all times. Maybe his role will remain as the 6th/7th man (along with X), but I really think Duncan will be a key cog to what we do - if the roster remains as is.




Duncan Robinson needs to work on defense, becoming more gritty and increasing his movement on offense. With that said he still might have to share minutes with freshman.


After watching UM play over the last season, it became clear to me that JB simply likes and trusts Duncan. There were many times that Duncan wasn’t really playing that great but JB kept him in the game anyway. Presumably JB just trusts Duncan not to screw up in a big way. The mgoblue article just reinforces all of that.

Duncan as a leader? Nah, that’s Mo and Simmons. Duncan is too nice of a guy.


The leadership thing is interesting… Moe brings energy, but it isn’t always positive or level-headed.

Duncan is going to be 23 years old, mature, knows what is going on. Could provide some of that steadiness in terms of leadership. For example, Duncan was the guy who stood up and convinced everyone to get on the plane and fly to D.C. the next day.

I don’t really see any way that Duncan doesn’t play major minutes, especially because of how much three-point shooting Michigan lost last year.

Simmons definitely will bring some experience and leadership at a position where you need it, but still have to see him in a U-M uni.


I think we, as fan bases, need punching bags from time to time. And I think Duncan and MAAR will probably become the unfair or fair targets of criticism this year (much like DWalt and Zak were last year before the winning started).

Bottom line for me, and Dylan stated it, Duncan is older and even keeled, and that matters. Leadership style’s come in all different forms, but I think Duncan is just as likely as anyone else to take that role. I hope Livers is fantastic out of the gate, but if he’s not ready, I am MORE than comfortable having Duncan on the floor near 30 minutes a game.