Llewelyn injury

Am I missing the diagnosis on Llewelyn’s injury? Seems like a topic important enough to be in discussions


I haven’t seen any word on this anywhere either. I know the buzz on basketball is way down given some disappointing early losses and being overshadowed by football but it’s a key for us going forward. I guess we will have to stay tuned …

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Hard to discuss without an update. We have some pre-game availability today, so should hear something today I would imagine.

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I’ll be surprised if it’s not a long term injury. I haven’t heard anything specific, but the stuff we know is usually a bad sign:

  • Non-contact injury
  • Trainers examining knee area on the court
  • Helped off the court by 2 people, not putting much pressure on his leg
  • Huge ice wrap while sitting on the bench
  • Unconfirmed rumor he had a large brace and was on crutches on the flight home (likely they would do this as a precaution anyway, until they could examine back in Ann Arbor)

It’s always possible it was just something minor, but those details above have me expecting he’ll be out for a bit.

He was also on crutches at the arena, fwiw.


We hear news on player injuries during game time in subsequent televised games. I hope nothing serious, but all indications point against it.

I speculated about Ronnie Bell getting a call from Juwan, but it does not seem realistic at this point. I think Bufkin will have to share the point guard duties with Dug.


I’m confident that Ronnie Bell is not the answer.


What about Joey Velasquez? Baseball and football have won titles with him on the roster now. I don’t know if he’s every played basketball, but does that really matter?


I’m sure Juwan will provide every detail on the next Zoom.


Keon Coleman vs. Ronnie Bell in B1G play. This is the way


For one, the injury occurred overseas, thus you have the travel aspect of it. Then you have swelling. You cannot properly diagnosis a thing if the swelling around the area is bad. My guess, he will be getting an MRI soon. Once that happens, then I would guess word will leak out of how bad it is.

Heart goes out for Jaelin… really tough scene.

Maybe he comes back next season?