Livers, Wagner ready to step into the limelight in new-look offense


So, did Franz grow?


Please let us have a season. I don’t want to find out what my seasonal depression looks like without Michigan basketball.


I believe this team will go as far as Isiah can take them. I think a decent run in the NCAA tournament is awaiting and it will surprise everyone but Michigan fans. Go Blue!

Amen. We could really use a Michigan hoops season this year for so many reasons. Please make it so.


“We have a lot of experience on this team and (Livers) is a huge part of that,” Jackson said. “I’ve learned a lot from (Livers) and we’re not even the same position. He’s teaching everybody, everybody’s learning from him.”


Took me a while to figure out who Zeb was talking about in his video. Think he was saying “Zay.”

Yep – most everyone on the team calls Isaiah “Zay”.

I was like, “why is he talking about Simpson?”

The Pistons trade to get Nets guard Dzanan Musa, finally made me realize who I think Wagner’s game resembles. Sure hope he gets in the first round like Musa. For anyone wondering if Franz can play the 2, I don’t think Musa is more athletic.