Livers is not just a shooter

For his Michigan career Livers is currently at 44% on 3 pointers.

Stauskas shot 44% in his Freshman and Sophomore years. Walton shot 42% his best year. Robinson’s best year was 42%.

He is obviously very good at catch and shoot. Is he good shooting off the dribble? No. But man, he has displayed the unique ability to run fast off a screen, catch, and rise up to drain 40% all day. I don’t think he is just NBA bound. I think he will be very successful in the NBA.


Very quick release, can operate in small spaces, saw the floor opening up and took it to the hole several times the last few games when he wouldn’t have last year.

Livers did not come here with a deadeye shooting reputation either. I do believe he started basketball late though, I believe 8th grade.


I didn’t realize he started so late. Interesting. He is such an all around great athlete it seems to overshadow the fact that his shooting has been at an elite level.

Livers seems like a guy who could go pro in multiple sports if he wanted.

He’s kind of awkward moving fast with the basketball.

But… sometimes he seems like he’s soooo close to mastering that size and athleticism in driving to the basket. If he could just improve his handle a bit…

I mean, he shot well last year, but he definitely improved other aspects of his game significantly. He looks great.

He’s had a few nice drives this year. I’d personally rather see him get a post or elbow touch. I think if you fed him on the elbow like say melo was used, that he has a better chance of creating from there. One dribble pull up, one dribble spin moves ect. Jab step pull up and so on and so forth

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Livers won’t be a creator in the sense of taking multiple dribbles and breaking down a defender, ever I would think. And he doesn’t need to unless he’s going to be a superstar player in the NBA.

Instead, he’ll take a few effective dribble one way or the other, and rise up for a really efficient shot or finish at the rim. That’s what will get him into the NBA “shot creating” wise.

Agreed. I think that’s the best way to go. He has that ability in his arsenal.

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