List of upcoming visits for the football games

This is for Dylan or anybody that has the info. I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering who will be visiting for some of the upcoming football games. Can we get a list of basketball visitors for the upcoming games?

It looks like Jonah Bolden will be making the trip for the ND game. I’m assuming that will be a big basketball weekend Just looking for a list for all these games.

Sounds like Blueitt will be in for the CMU game. Coleman for CMU or ND too.

Chatman is supposed to be in early September I think.
And DJ Wilson in late September?

Carlton Bragg is supposed to visit this fall too.

@phillipshoops: Ill Wolves duo 2016 C Barret Benson (Hinsdale South)/SG Skyler Nash (Young) will take unofficials to Michigan on 8/31 per Mike Mullins.”