Link to tonight's open thread?

Anyone have a link to a live feed?

On the home page

Not sure I the open threads are Patreon only?

No? Can you not see it on the homepage?

Go here, scroll down and click comments:

Zippo no comments loading

What browser? Seems to be loading for other people? Did you click on the comments link to expand it?

Microsoft edge

Zippo hmmmmmm

Seems to be something weird where it goes really slowly to load in Edge. Not sure, will have to look at it later. Chrome seems to be working fine.

Hmmmm, Microsoft Edge is slow? Who could have foreseen that? lol


This post says: “Found this out…all BTN2Go content (including events which require a BTN2Go Plus subscription) is free and available for stream if on a Big Ten university internet system.”

Anybody know if this is true? (Wasn’t sure which thread to post this in)

^^^^this does work. Log in on any B1G school’s wifi and you get full BTN2go access, including BTN plus

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