Interesting discussion RE: leadership on next year’s team from Beilein’s comments here.

Who steps up as the leader of next year’s team? Morgan is the graduate senior so he’s obviously a candidate. McGary is the most vocal. Stauskas and GR3 both have a lot of experience playing wise but do they fit the bill?

Don’t forget about the zen of John horford

Derrick Walton

I’d venture that McGary or Morgan are indeed the best shots. Maybe Spike as well when he’s running the floor, especially early in the season. It’s hard to really peg because Josh Bartelstein was the captain last year, and I don’t know how much his leadership impacted the team overall in that role vs. Trey and Tim.

I’m going to say McGary takes a huge step forward as a more vocal leader on the floor. We have a bunch of guys off the bench that will be leaders in the locker room and off the court. Hopefully someone like Derrick Walton can step right in as point guard and command a leadership role in the offense. That’s going to be one of the keys to whether this team comes back as strong. Timmy and Trey were the unquestioned leaders, and two extremely hard workers who set the tone for the other guys. It’s going to be vital for someone to step up and try to fill that leadership void.