Latest DraftExpress mock draft: GR3 at 22, McGary at 29, Stauskas at 33

The DX Mock Draft … has been updated

and Stauskas 2nd Round - #3 (#33 overall)

McGary seems like a Spurs player.

I’m not sold on Wiggins as the #1. He’s a nice player but he’s not strong and doesn’t have a real great outside shot. I think when he gets to the NBA he’ll be easy to defend. Lots of potential though and that’s what the draft around.

Ehhh tend to think NBA draft is the most on the money with the mocks
DX for scouting
ESPN for GMs and scouts POV

Like I said before, Glenn and Nik will have to prove it in those home/away stretches against Wisconsin, MSU and Iowa, but I’m starting to think they all leave this year. McGary’s advanced stats and the commodity of a bigman is enough to get a late 1st round grab by a team like San Antonio or Miami.

Wiggins is a two way player. ELITE defensively and though his shot isn’t great, it will keep the defenses honest. He is posting ABSURD stl and blk % and he is unstoppable in transition. I think he goes second after his teammate Emblid.

So you’re on board with me now that Nik may I fact leave this year?

Yeah, it the smart decision.

Based on this projection of being selected 33rd, I think it would be financially unwise to enter the draft. I think his scoring skillset definitely translates to the NBA, but if he waits a year and polishes up everything (especially his defense, which I believe can be improved after another off season spent in the weight room), he could see huge dividends. This year is loaded in terms of talent, no doubt. Add in to the fact that GRIII and McGary may both be gone, then Nik becomes the obvious #1 go-to guy next season. Even if our win total drops and Michigan falls a bit in terms of relevancy, being the #1 guy will allow Nik to inflate his stats quite a bit and that will, in my opinion, garner him a good amount of attention from scouts. Because 2nd round contracts don’t include guaranteed money, I just think it would be a smart move for Nik to wait a year. The difference between getting picked 33rd and around 20-25th is financially significant.

Nik is already the obvious go to guy by every advanced metric. The weight room isn’t going to make him a better defender. This draft ISN’t more deep but the top is of high quality. If he doesn’t go in the first this year then he won’t next year. Not to mention the emergence of Walton, LeVert and Irvin might actually decrease his usage.

Nik is putting up 66 TS % 135 ORTG and 20% AST% on 23% USG he isn’t improving those percentages. All slight increases from last year, only difference being usage and volume. I just don’t see where he is going to drastically improve his game to make a difference in draft position. FT shooting and knocking off a point or two on his DRTG metrics aren’t going to place him higher. The freshman to sophomore year being the biggest jump in play, he would be wise to leave now and reach his second contract wherever much sooner. There will be a late first round team that bites on an elite shooter with good court vision as a reserve. Miami, Houston, Chicago, LA Clippers and San Antonio all need as many of those as possible.

We better brace for next year without Nik, Glenn and Mitch. We have the weapons to be fine and luckily our PG won’'t be a freshman.

guestavo, DraftExpress is x10 better than gets a lot of hits because of the catchy domain, but the analysis / mocks provided by DraftExpress dwarf it. has been the most accurate out of all the mocks for the most part

DX has excellent scouting reports

Chad Ford maybe gets a few more inside sources

I use them all in combination