Latest Chad Ford Mock Draft

LeVert at No. 18

Other Big Ten Names:
-Deyonta Davis at 12, Stone at 13, Thomas Bryant at 20, Denzel Valentine at 30

I would take Stone over Davis right now. With that being said I can see Stone not being his actual 6’10 height. If he’s not 6’10 then he’s probably a PF more than a C. Stone has a very refined game for a frosh though.

I don’t know, Deyonta is going to be pretty special I think. He’s just scratching the surface right now and seems to make plays on both ends of the floor whenever I watch MSU.

Stone has been great as well, but Deyonta feels like the higher ceiling player.

I can buy that. The issue with Davis right now is he plays so little because he gets into foul trouble pretty quick. He plays 18 mpg and averages over 2 fouls/game. Stone still fouls but much more productive. Maryland should be able to use Stone and Carter Jr to their advantage against Costello/Davis on Saturday.

No way Izzo lets Davis leave after this year. Comparing the two, and I haven’t watched a lot of MSU this year, but Stone seems like a much more complete player right now, really skilled and versatile offensively, though perhaps without Davis’s athleticism. So I agree that right now Stone is the pick no question, but it’s a much harder question long term.

When I see Diamond Stone I see a guy like Derrick Favors and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I would take a Favors on my team any day. I have a harder time seeing a comparable for Davis maybe a guy like Ibaka?

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Yeah no way that Davis leaves. Izzo’s only freshman early entry ever is Zach Randolph if I remember correctly.

Izzo better play Davis all the minutes he can this season. If he’s a projected lotto and works out well, why in the heck would he stay? Interesting that he is getting a lot more time lately. Remember well how Randolph was harnessed to fit the culture of rewarding upperclassmen with pt and only got 10-12 minutes a game. End of year he was bye bye.

Andre Hutson was the freagin starter over Randolph he tried like hell to hold him back.

Also, keeping Randolph eligible was a major concern.

Honestly I think Izzo is trying to hold his draft stock back

Davis might be tempted to come back and play alongside that great class they have coming in. But I hope he goes as that would make them a little less deep.

Recently read this article on Davis explaining his transition to college ball. My guess is he’s staying for sure. Seems like he’s needs to mature a little more before living life in the NBA.