Late Big Ten Mailbag

Working on a mailbag for this week. Let’s hear some Qs.

Is there any correlation between Michigan’s recent upswing and MAAR’s increased scoring (particular from 3)?

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Who will the offense run through next season?

First and second team all BIG?

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How would X-MAAR-Matthews-Wilson at the 1 through 4 compare defensively to other Big Ten teams at the 1-4 next year?

next year’s team: better or worse than this year

If DJ Wilson and Moe Wagner continue their upward trajectory of improvement through next season… AND… Michigan lands Bamba, who starts at the 4 and 5 spots next year?

(Any chance Bamba comes off the bench?)


What team do we most want to avoid in the B1G Tourny? Most like to face?

Are we now just playing for seeding or do we still have work to do to make the Big Dance?

And freshmen 1st team

All-Big Ten team predictions?

Since it looks like Michigan will be seeded into the 7/10 or 8/9 game, which #1 or #2 seed contenders would UM match up best against — if Michigan was to advance out of Round1.


This might be better for the off-season. Any chance Burke and/or Walton get their number retired? Walton’s career numbers are impressive and Burke had the best season of any Wolverine since Glen Rice.

I would guess that Burke would get his number retired pending completion of his degree.

Walton has no shot. Simply doesn’t come close to any of the other guys with retired jerseys.


I doubt they’d actually retire Burke. Even if they did break from the long tradition of only hanging up jerseys from people who got their degrees it’s far more likely that it would be simply honored like Buntin, Hubbard, Rice, and Tomjanovich.

I’d love it if you could do a breakdown of our defensive numbers, both team and individually, between the first 9 games of the B1G and the past 7. The general narrative is that we’ve improved dramatically, but I’d be curious to see that snapshot to see exactly where and why the improvements have taken place. Thanks!

How is the Big Ten looking for next year? Is there still going to be a lack of any elite team?

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How is the Big Ten looking for next year? Is there still going to be a lack of any elite team? Any team that struggled this year have potential to breakout next season?

I never realized that the other four jerseys weren’t retired.

Yeah, I remember when Blake McLimans of all people wore #22 I looked it up and it turned out only one of them is actually retired.