Lance Ware to announce college decision on Thursday


Certainly possible we’re it but doesn’t feel like it.

That sucks, he appeared like the best chance of a commit of the guys offered (sans Jace)

Well I imagine Kentucky pushed for an immediate commitment and probably gave an ultimatum that someone else would take his spot. Unfortunate. I would have really liked to get Ware, but I think he’s replaceable as a prospect. He doesn’t have much in the way of the perimeter game that I prefer my 4 to have.

Sick. Real sick

Turns out those recruiting insiders actually know things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On to the next one

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It was known that UK was his favorite, everyone acknowledged that. But before this UK was slow playing him so I think that’s where people surmised Michigan could get him.


Situation changed. Kentucky visited him this week and pushed for a commitment. That was the issue all along. Would Kentucky push or not? Recruiting insiders didn’t know. Kentucky didn’t even initially schedule an official for him. Don’t act like this is one that was known all along. If it was, he would have committed on the spot when offered.


Has he even visited UK?

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Does anyone know if he visited as a junior? Someone on our list did. If him, it would make more sense to commit without that visit. Seems unlikely UK visits him without being interested.

Ware attending Big Blue Madness last year, for everyone wondering if he’s ever visited Kentucky.

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Ok. So it kinda looks like Todd’s sudden visit scheduling correlates with Ware’s crystal balls to UK. Unless UK is just gonna take them both. They also did an in home with Todd too.

Well Dylan did Ware pick Kentucky on Thursday? Kentucky just landed another 5* forward today that switched from 2021 class to 2020. The kids name escapes me for the moment. Never mind I just see that he did.