Lakers sign Manny Harris to 10-day contract

Manny is back in the league, signing a 10-day contract with the Lakers. He’ll join the team in Boston.

Are 10 day contracts common? Lol that seems weird to me.

Is D-Mo still on the Clippers?

For teams hit with the injury bug it is common

I don’t know the specific date, but 10 day contracts aren’t allowed until very recently…sometime this month. They are very common for injured teams, or lottery bound teams trying to find the next gem.

DMo is still on LAC, on his 2nd 10 day contract.

Do people on 10 day contracts usually:
A) Get an extension?
B) Ever see the court?

I just find it funny, considering a lot of times NBA teams will only have 4 games in a 10 day stretch.