Kyle Ahrens

Kyle Ahrens" is off the board to Michigan State. There was mutual interest with Michigan (he visited for a BB game), but he hasn’t really found his groove after surgery this spring.

I believe MSU still has room for Eron Harris, but Bryn Forbes also sounds like he’s close to being a Spartan (reports are that he was at open gym with Ahrens).

I will be very surprised if Harris goes to MSU. Forbes is a local product who has been prominent around campus for awhile now, it’s his dream to become a Spartan. Seems like it’s down to UM and Purdue now for Harris. Still think the Boilers have the inside track with all their connections to the family, but we got the last visit and that can’t be bad.

I will say that I have been a fan of Ahrens’ game in the past. Spent a fair amount of time watching him when he played with Luke Kennard and he always seemed to make good plays. Haven’t seen him this spring, but I suspect it’s difficult to come back from a broken leg. I could see him being a very solid wing player for MSU.

Very good get for Izzo and MSU. Would have liked to see Ahrens in a M uni

Very good get for Izzo and MSU. Would have liked to see Ahrens in a M uni

Depends how it works out I think. The MAAR/Dawkins recruitment kind of cover similar ground as Ahrens… If UM can add Eron Harris, then I suspect they can be very selective in 2015 and push hard for some 2016s.

Poster on another board told me he spoke to Trevor Manuel’s dad on Wednesday and Manuel’s dad told him Forbes was official Monday. Could be holding back info from Harris?!

Manuel’s dad likes Michigan and Stanford.