Kobe Bufkin declares for NBA Draft

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Rothstein has this posted under his top 45 as of tonight… it mentions Kobe kept eligibility. I was under the assumption that he forgave his eligibility.

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He did not keep eligibility.

Said he is forgoing final two years.


Thats what I thought… Wanted to make sure I didnt miss something.

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Thought you inherently keep your eligibility nowadays because you’re allowed to sign an agent as long as you don’t actually enter the draft?


Technically that’s probably right.

It’s clear we don’t expect him back.

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He said he is but it doesn’t mean he didn’t keep the option. I’ve been really curious about this.


We’d make room if he wanted to come back.

We aren’t that lucky though.

You have to sign with an NCAA-certified agent, and many agents aren’t.

Believe he is all the way in the draft, not testing.