Kobe Bryant News

Hey guys I wasnt sure where to put this but it’s being reported that Kobe Bryant died today. I really hope it isn’t true but if it is then it’s perhaps the saddest day in basketball I can remember at my young age.

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Doesn’t feel real.

That is heartbreaking news. Only 41 years old. Laker nation is in mourning.

Leaves a complicated legacy for me. Obviously an amazing basketball player. I feel for his wife and kids. Nobody should lose their loved ones that early.

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Fuck this too…

Looks like he deleted the tweet. What did it say?

Apparently his teenage daughter Gianna was on the helicopter as well.


Its only getting worse, first report was 5 people on board now possibly 9.

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Absolutely awful. Feel so bad for everyone affected by this.

It’s hitting home for Michigan baseball as well.

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Absolutely crazy. My friend wrote me at work and was like Kobe died. I was thinking “is that his dog or something? Thought his name was blue?” Just assumed there was no way he meant Bryant. Very surreal.

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