Key Login Information: Please Read

We are streamlining the login process for the message board. If you don’t read this message you will have trouble logging in.

The new process will integrate both systems into one authentication system. This should make it much easier to navigate between articles, comments and forum discussions. It also means that things will change slightly depending on what type of user you are.

If you are a subscriber, this will make your life much easier. The new solution is “single sign on” which means that you won’t have to juggle multiple accounts. Your login for the main site (not the message board) now handles everything.

If you are not a subscriber, you are going to receive an email with new login credentials. This is now your master login for UM Hoops. You are encouraged to change your password after logging in. You’ll use it to log in to the message board and it is the same account that you would use to eventually purchase a subscription.

These new login credentials are being sent out on Friday (5/31) night. If you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to email me at


Emails are going out.

If anyone has any issues, go ahead and shoot me an email.

Also if you see anything weird or something seems off with the new logins or new login process, you can post about it here too. Much appreciated!

What is the process for changing passwords once you are logged in?


You’d need to do it thru the main site, doesn’t look like you can do it on the forum. More specifically, you should click the link that was sent via email rather than trying to find the option thru the site’s interface.

If you are logged in, navigate to the main site ( and click on My Profile.

There’s an option there to update/change your password.

I don’t even see it on the main site…

Might be because you are not a subscriber so the menu is hiding it. Let me check.

Update: Just cleaned up the menu for non-subscribers. Should now see “Your Profile” and “Log Out” on the header.

If not, here’s the direct link:

The other option is to just reset your password via the Lost Password page.

Thanks! I was able to go with the “lost password” route. GO BLUE

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I don’t understand what you are talking about. Don’t you have to be a subscriber to read your articles and to read and write on the forum?

As a subscriber do I need to do anything right now? I am confused!

There were users on the forum who aren’t subscribers (which means they couldn’t read the articles or participate in subscriber-only threads).

You are a subscriber so nothing should change for you other than the login process being smoother for the forum.

No worries!

What is the difference between a member and a subscriber? Is it that members pay no money and subscribers do?

Yes, probably a bad word. Anyone without a little UMHoops logo next to their name isn’t a subscriber on the forum. Meaning they don’t pay for a subscription and can’t read the articles, participate in AMAs, read other subscriber-only threads, etc.

Some subscribers had a hard time logging into the forum because they are two different systems. The new system uses just one login for everything so should be much more straight forward.

I know you’re probably tired of me, but I’ve been having an issue when I’m on mobile recently where after reading the posts in a thread it’ll go back like a day or two (or more if there weren’t many posts) in terms of what posts have been read, so the next time I enter I have to scroll down a ton to get to where I was.


Prob a dumb question but I haven’t seem to have figured it out: how do you tell which threads are for subscribers and which are open to all? Are the subscriber-only threads literally noted as “Subscribers” and everything else is open?

Any of the comment section threads on a subscriber article on the front page should be along with the AMAs or other things that I post to the Subscriber category.

By default, you’ll see everything in the same feed but the category of the thread should be denoted below.

Now that the integration is better, we’ll be using it more and more often.

Sounds like some kind of bug with the forum software. Would need more info to try to reproduce. Could have something to do with deleted or moved posts in a thread? Tough to say.

Anyone else unable to access the blog? Won’t load on my phone or laptap.