KenPom projections are out

Michigan projected at 20-9, 11-7 with the No. 6 offense and the No. 46 defense.

Michigan checks in at No. 15 in his overall rankings.

Big Ten projections have UM, MSU and OSU all at 11-7 with a massive cluster of teams at 9-9 (IU, Iowa, MD, NEB, MN, ILL).


Yes! Another data point! I wish kenpom would have predicted the game against the winner of VCU/Villanova. He could have weighted it based on the probability of that game. My guess is it would have been marked as a loss but with about a 45% chance of winning.

But going to his computer model, it matches more closely with what Michigan fans predict than what national human polls predict. Interesting.

Does the 20 win projection account for the post season?

Does the 20 win projection account for the post season?


No only games on the schedule… (So not the second game at Barclays either).

It’d be hard to complain if we had the #46 defense this year, after being around 100 last season. But I think it’s likely that there will be a tight bunching in the BT. The difference between 2nd and 6th could be no more than a couple of missed shots.

ESPN initial power rankings check UM in at #24, project a 7 seed. Best case scenario S16, worst case scenario first round exit. Sounds about right to me