Kameron Chatman to transfer from Michigan

I guess this is what JB was hinting at.

Dang, I liked the kid. Best of luck to him.

Kind of feels like this program is falling apart…


Months in the making.

Good luck Kam.


I think the exact opposite. Kind of feels like JB is righting the ship.

There is no room for Dawkins and Kam on a big ten team with championship aspirations.


I think he has talent. But I don’t think it’s utilized properly in our system. And I don’t think Kam played well enough to justify significantly more playing time. Always seemed like a stand up kid, so I have no ill will toward him. Hope he finds a better fit and has a successful career.

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Not the person I wanted to see go. Probably means a lot more of DJ on the wing…

Sad about this, really liked Kam and thought he had potential. That shot against Indiana could have been a career-changing boost of confidence. Agree with posts above saying he never really merited more playing time. the need for a grad transfer wing is massive now in my opinion. If the DJ Wilson we saw is the only wing off the bench we are in deep deep trouble

This was definitely not a “make room” transfer. We have plenty of spots and he was guaranteed to play 15+ minutes as our primary backup forward next year.

Now we have two open scholarships for 2016 with no leads to fill them with.This hurts the next two years.

I agree with the statement that there is no room for Kam or Aubrey on a Big Ten championship caliber team, but who do we have to replace them? As of right now backing up Zak and Duncan would be either D.J. Wilson who has the shot selection of Kobe Bryant and shooting ability of a sub-par college player or Ibi Watson an unproven skinny 3-star recruit.

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We need to roll with Mo Wagner and DJ Wilson at the 4. If we find one suitable grad transfer to give us minutes on the wing we’ll be fine.

Zak at the 3, Rahk at the 2 with Duncan first of the bench.

Or do we roll with Donnall at the 4 and Mo at the 5?


I think it hurts this year, but not for the next two years. I’d rather roll with 2017 freshmen like Cain at the 3 and Young at the 4 than Chatman at either spot.

It hurts this year in terms of depth, so hopefully there is a plan to offset that.

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There is less than a zero percent chance that Donnal can guard the average college 4 even somewhat adequately.

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We could have had both easily without losing Kam. We had three open scholarships for 2017. It hurts depth for the next two years. And now we are gonna have to scramble and pick up some low-rated 2016 freshmen to try and survive.

Agreed. With the way the past few years have went I find it highly unlikely that JB lands a grad transfer that plays the 3/4.

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We couldn’t have “easily had both” because Beilein might find it necessary to bring in a 2017 PG to backup Simpson since Walton will be gone.

Now, with Chatman gone, we can “easily” have both and still have a spot for a backup PG if Beilein finds that necessary.

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As I said, we already had three scholarships open. Three scholarships = Young, Cain and 2017 backup PG

Young is looking less and less likely as time goes on. Big teams are starting to gain interest. Ill put my money if his final 2 is MSU and UM that he chooses MSU and they have high interest in him

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Wow not good. I don’t care what anyone says I think he was ready to contribute next two seasons. Kids probably trying to save his career. Gives him another year to develop and polish his skills and try and fulfill his high expectations. Honestly I truly believe it’s the extra year he’s searching for not a better fit. Depending on who comes in this really hurts this team imo. Wish all these moves happened after frosh year.