Kameron Chatman - new footage

This kid’s court vision/passing is some of the best I’ve seen from a high school player, let alone a guy 6’7. Not just the no looks, but the cross court skip passes are delivered in a timely fashion while being accurate. Highly skilled

Our Future PG. We recruited him as such. Why People say he will play the 4 or other positions, I don’t understand!!! The Next Kyle Anderson/Jalen Rose!!

Because he’s not nearly quick enough to guard the position and we aren’t going to have any trouble finding a legit PG to replace Walton.

He’ll be more like Levert or Stauskas. We’ll run the offense through him at times but not from the PG position.

He’ll still be a match up nightmare at the 3 or 4 and won’t be defensive liability.

College version of Lamar Odom/Draymond Green written all over him.

Tayshaun Prince/Kyle Anderson is another great comparison

Thanks for the video! His vision and court awareness are very impressive. He should be a natural for JBs offense as he is very skilled and can stretch the floor. A real coup getting him!

Really excited for this kid. has a bunch of skills to have a nice well rounded game.