Juwan in MN for Showcase

Dawson Garcia is supposed to be playing. Jalen Suggs is not, he’s playing with the US U19 team right now. Not sure who else are targets at this point.

Kendall Brown in all likelihood. Ben Carlson, Dain Dainja, who’s top 50 in 2020, perhaps Chet Holmgren in 2021 also.

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Could be Brown. Dainja can’t get into school from my understanding and Carlson is hurt. Holmgren is not playing in this event for some reason.

Juwan just watched Garcia go off for 24 and 8.

Tons of high major players in this game. Walton, Garcia, Aligbe and Holloman all high major prospects. Then Kendall Brown and Dain Dainja matched up the game after and there was a 7 footer that has d1 interest as well.

Lots of talent in MN nowadays. Both the D1MN on the adidas circuit and Grassroots Sizzle on the UA circuit are having a lot of success. Howard Pulley on the Nike circuit is struggling this year but has Dainja and Holloman.

Juwan in Nj today but an assistant sticking in Minnesota.

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