Juwan Howard's Open Door Policy


Interesting contrast with Beilein. To succeed you need buy in. I think Beilein carefully only recruited players who would buy in to how he did things. Part of Howard’s appeal is that this is probably an easier style to get buy in among young men.

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The meeting came almost a year to the day after DeJulius, then a freshman, was denied a pre-practice meeting with Beilein. He recalled requesting it over text just a few hours beforehand, which failed to meet Beilein’s preferred 24 hours’ notice.

Really interesting stuff. Thanks for the link.

Beilein was certainly a different type of coach. He planned every minute of his schedule to a T so you can see where the 24 hour rule would come in because an impromptu meeting would take away from whatever else he had to do. Also goes to show the ways that Beilein was more a teacher and less a father figure. His way obviously worked for him. You can see why players will love playing for Juwan though.

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