Juwan Howard on Knuckleheads Podcast

Figured I’d post this for anyone interested. Almost a 2 hour podcast with Juwan talking to Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles.

Chi-Town hooper turned Michigan legend, we’ve got THE Juwan Howard on this week’s episode of Knuckleheads. And this one? This one’s for the culture, y’all. How the Fab Five assembled and the origin of their signature swag. Getting drafted and playing with Chris Webber again. Winning a ring after 17 years in the league and just needing to feel that champs’ champagne in his eyes – no goggles. And finally getting back to Michigan, where he’s determined to capture the NCAA title that eluded the Fab Five back in the day. It’s story time from one of our favorite OGs. Don’t miss.

• Young Chicago ballers and playing AAU with Chris Webber [6:50]
• University of Michigan, Fab Five culture, Duke vs. Michigan [18:55]
• Getting drafted to Washington, rookie year with C-Webb, and his 100-million-dollar contract [44:00]
• How he kept the best haircut in the game, Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki. [57:15]
• Tracy McGrady, Juwan’s signature jump hook, winning an NBA Championship [1:03:25]
• The Juwan Howard Foundation, coaching at Michigan, the Miami Heat and Udonis Haslem [1:28:00]


I listened to the whole thing. Reenforced a lot of things we already knew, but still:

1- Juwan has REACH with NBA players and Chicago
2- Juwan’s contact list is long, from AAU circles to NBA front offices
3- He gets bottomless respect
4- He’s really funny, relatable, and always ready to spread joy and respect

It’s no damn wonder he was so good so fast, even before he really understood the job and the full recruiting rule book.

One “next level” place for Juwan to spark is to fuel NIL connections.


Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely give it a listen tomorrow.

Also on youtube if anybody wants video format


Juwan trying not to call out Bruce Pearl by name when talking about Deon Thomas and how it impacted his recruitment at Illinois lol