Justin Jackson?

We were recruiting him no? Rice is out at unlv. I joked about going after goodluck when he transferred, but this could be a real option if we were after him before. I know there is no openings but that didn’t stop us after eyeing a few more 16s before, no? Will he really want to stay with the coach that recruited him gone? Just a thought

Too many recruits with the name Justin Jackson…

Just watched old film of him that kid is a beast. Coach b should really send out the feelers on this. I’d really like the class with him and ibi on the wings.follow that up by adding Kyle young and I’d be very satisfied. With 16 17 classes. But please get back involved with this kid. Find the space

I’d say we would need to be really careful about any kid with elite potential who picked UNLV over far better basketball schools. My strong suspicion is Rice was not running a clean program.

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It would be real nice to take a run at Jackson if he is available.

There is a handful of Canadians that I hope the staff looks at in 17 including Abu Kigab, Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Oshae Brissett. 3 different types of players that we could use then in 18 Simi Shittu who is the exact type of big we need.