Just rewatched the Arizona game

and it confirmed something that I had been thinking since the beginning of the season: maybe we’re not a pick and roll team this season. The pick and roll was introduced into the offense three seasons ago when D-Mo was in his second season. He was especially adept at running the P&R because he was 6’4" and had the ability to see/pass over defenders. We continued to run the P&R with Trey because he was Trey. Now that our point guard options are Derrick and Spike, neither of which have the size/length to see over the defender, and neither of which have shown the ability to pull up for a three pointer if the defender goes under the screen like Trey would, maybe it’s time to go back to running more sets like the early Beilein teams did. I definitely understand that you can run the P&R with other players (LeVert, Stauskas, GRIII), but LeVert seems to be best one-on-one with his defender and GRIII does not seem to pass at the level you’d like from a ballhandler in the P&R. Having said all this, I do think Nik does very well in the P&R, but that takes away one of your best spot up shooters, and he also hasn’t shown the ability (willingness?) to pull up and knock down the three if the defender goes under. All in all, I think we might be best suited getting away from the P&R this season and going back to spacing the floor and running sets (can I get a backdoor cut please, yes I’m speaking to you Duke game).

Good thought. I’d like to see the pick-and-roll used more with Levert ala D-Mo style. Irvin // Stauskas on the wings. GR3 cutting.