Jordan Morgan set to play Summer League with Orlando

Jordan Morgan, who played well in Italy this past season, will play for the Orlando Magic's summer league team.

— Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) June 14, 2015

Congrats, Jordan. Well deserved.

Congrats J-Mo!

I am very proud of Morgan’s accomplishments, on and off the court. I would love to see him get an opportunity to become a NBA player.

He’s surprised me in even getting a summer league invite. I don’t think he’ll ever make an NBA roster, but this is still a big accomplishment for someone of his athletic and physical limitations. And I know he’ll make us proud no matter what.

JMO is a good defender for his size and relatively quick for a Big. Now that the NBA is playing small ball maybe the strategy will change for some of the tweeners. Good luck to the young man!

At Michigan, Morgan held his own against a bunch of bigger players, and his athleticism has always been underrated. He’s tough as nails and an exceptionally smart player. His lack of shooting could hold him back, though. Maybe he has developed that in Italy.

I agree with Windsorblue. Jordan Morgan’s athleticism always seemed to be underrated. His big deficiency was a limitation in his offensive skill set. He did lots of other things very well, however.

Only underrated if you think he possess no athleticism. He is fast for a big man (runs the floor very well) and is strong. But he can’t jump from a standstill, which hurts him when defended around the basket.

He is definitely a below average jumper from a standstill. But he has good lower body strength for boxing out. He has quickness for a big guy. He has good agility and coordination and like you say he runs the floor well. He would be a disaster if he was not smart. He works around his weaknesses by not trying to block shots and he positions himself very well–using quickness and strength. IMO.

He’ll probably need to develop a mid range shot if he wants to play with the way the NBA is currently headed.