Jonah Bolden releasing top schools?

Last night Jonah Bolden tweeted that he would be releasing his top schools today. I haven’t heard a thing though. Anybody else?

If he’s smart… He would be VERY interested…, b/c we are pretty good with the exception of missing a solid 4/5… Given GR3/ Mcgary leaves. He is a 4 in our program. Join and get pt right off the bat.

He is out West. I expect zagsblog to release the news or him to tweet it. Probably just getting out of school or something, be patient…

He sees himself as a 3, but I think I saw him say he would be fine playing the stretch 4 as well. Hopefully the possibility of playing combo forward will be enticing enough.

Such a blessing to announce the top colleges I’m considering are:

anyone but Indiana

Surprised UK is there with their pursuit in getting Newman and Gill-Caesar to reclassify
Louisville said they were taking one more with that being Konate. Odd.
USC came out of nowhere…

SMU, UCLA and Indiana are no surprised. I think this is down to UCLA and SMU.

Louisville and SMU would be the smart choice if he is actually looking to develop as a player.

I have faith that WIlson and Donnal will be better in the long run.

Looks like Bolden is joining Looney at UCLA. Guess he wants to play “small forward” because that’s the “position” he’ll play in the NBA.

LOL UCLA is so transparent

  1. Fire Coach
  2. Pay for multiple top 10 classes
  3. Coach can’t even make an Elite Eight
  4. Fire Coach
  5. Repeat

Chatman will be a better player than Bolden.