Jon Teske, Xavier Simpson, Ibi Watson at the Ohio-Kentucky all star game

Our 3 Ohio recruits will be playing in the game this year. If anyone will attend or be able to update us on how the 3 do that would really be great. Personally, I want to know how Ibi and Teske do against the better competition as Xavier has shown what he can do at that level.

Surprised no towns or potter. Any reason?

2016 Ohio Kentucky All Star Game Boys Box Score
OHIO 46 48 – 94
KENTUCKY 46 46 – 92

OHIO (94) – Xavier Simpson 12, Trey McBride 6, Trey Landers 13, Gage
Rhodes 0, Ky’Re Allison 4, Jarron Cumberland 15, Roderick Caldwell 2,
Maishe Dailey 8, Jalen Tate 8, Chandler Vaudrin 0, Ibi Watson 2, Brian
Rolfe 2, Trey Kelley 4, John Teske 4, Nick Ward 14.

– Quentin Goodin 10, Chris Drabo 5, Tyrik Edwards 3, Jordan Perry 0,
Malik Frank 2, Jaiveon Eaves 5, Darrius Williams 7, Mason Faulkner 13,
James Boone 3, Alex Cook 4, Carson Williams 18, Jaalam Hill 4, Malik Dow
6, Ben Weyer 10, Matt Wilson 2. Free Throws: Ohio 17-25;
Kentucky 15-22. 3-pointers: Ohio 3 (Cumberland, Dailey, Tate). Kentucky 8
(Drabo, Eaves, D. Williams, Faulkner 3, Dow, Weyer 2).


where did u get this?

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Six block shots from Jon Teske, that sounds very encouraging. With the game changing to more driving to the basket having a shot blocker is essential.


Teske has really filled out. If he becomes a serious contributor I will come on here and rag on his detractors, with popcorn, until I am a toothless old man. X is clearly pretty for real, and sounds like Ibi can D up. Doesn’t mean a ton, I suppose, but nice that they beat Kentucky!


I like this class a lot I really do believe they are underrated. Teske seems to be a great shot blocker as X can do a bit of most things needed from a point guard and ibi is raw has a shot can get to the hoop but is small. I see Caris leverts role with the final four run team the role Ibi will have.

Column: Meanwhile, in Ohio, Michigan basketball’s future waits and watches

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A view from the other side (w video).

Anybody have highlights of the M guys?

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Would love to watch the entire game to see how competitive it was. I sure hope Ibi wasn’t trying on defense in these clips. He looks more awkward trying to defend the ball than Dawkins.

Loved the Teske block and outlet pass. Good to see him grab the ball and immediately look up the court and make an accurate pass. That’s a very underrated skill.

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Ibi will struggle mightily to get any significant minutes next year. He will be another liability on perimeter defense without considerable improvement going forward.

What were those things in Goodin’s ears?

I love the way you have negatively planned out this kid’s career before his plays a game. Come on.


Yes. He’s not just a tall throwing up his hands wildly, but timing those blocks pretty nicely. It’s more, honestly, than I had expected. Curious now about the talk that he would be redshirted. I can maybe see how the prospect of getting him really strong for a year and then having him underneath for a solid four could be pretty tantalizing. I’m no expert, but it’s worth noting that he’s doing this in an All-Star game.

Man watching that clip really reflects just how underranked Quentin Goodin is, much like Corey Sanders. As for Watson, I’ve never understood why some folks think he is so vastly underrated? Everything I’ve seen from Ibi indicates a more fluid version of Aubrey Dawkins, but not quite the same level of shooter. Certainly think he’s a project that will need lots of development. Good thing is he has some athletic tools, but it all starts with motor.


MattD, I have been told he has an unmatched work ethic and a desire to be better than the guy next to him. That’s the perfect attitude for a project type of player.

I’ll say this - his work ethic on defense leaves A LOT to be desired. If he is indeed working hard on defense in all the film I’ve seen of him, that’s a HUGE problem.

Are we really going to judge Watson’s defensive work ethic based on an all star game highlight video of another player?