Jon Teske - More Game Footage

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Not a full game (hey, I’m trying!), but a nice chunk of game film (probably 7-8 mins) vs. Shaker Heights from earlier this year. Thought this would be a wonderful way to critique Teske because he is playing against legitimate, high major D1 players at Shaker Heights (Esa Ahmad & Keith Griffin). Sidenote - Esa Ahmad is DAMN good…is there any position that kid can’t play? My god he looked good in this game…wish we could get him, but I love Towns as well.

Sidenote #2 - #12 for Medina (Teske’s teammate) seems like a high major player to me. Not a very good handle, but can shoot off the bounce, has range up to 25 feet, and has very good body control and finishing ability. Might be worth a late look if the staff can’t get Dozier or Coleman. Seems like a decent player to me.

The obvious thing that sticks out about Teske is shot blocking, and that was no different this game, as he racked up 3-4 blocks. Above that though, Teske is REALLY agile and runs the floor well for a kid that size…he is very impressive in that regard. Also, I failed to note this in the previous game film, but Teske also appears to be a decent passer, with nice, crisp, accurate passes displayed throughout both games.

After watching this film, I have to say I’m even higher on Teske now. He displayed some offensive potential in this game in terms of the pick and pop which he will no doubt use at UM. Additionally, he has nice touch with the hook, and even if he isn’t good vertically, who’s going to bother a hook shot from a 7 footer? I actually think Teske has the ability to be an ELITE defender at UM with his combination of size/length and lateral agility. If that kid can add 6 inches to his vertical and 35 lbs of muscle in conjunction with Sanderson, I think he can be a very good player at UM on both ends of the court. Mark my word, this kid’s stock will rise regardless of what the current rankings say. I’d venture to say he will be a top 60-70 player by his senior season. He hasn’t even come close to the player he will be in the future.

Anyway, for those too lazy to watch the full 14mins, here’s a few notes that can ease your viewing:

3:20 mark - nice block, and his recovery to save the ball from going out of bounds was very quick for a kid that size

4:40 mark - defends perimeter player at the 3 point line, sticks with him laterally and then blocks shot…again quite impressed with his lateral agility

5:14 mark - blocks Ahmad coming from weakside - good to know he can shotblock against guys with high major D1 size and strength

5:44 mark - comes off a screen and shows really nice touch with an 8 foot hook shot over Ahmad

6:25 mark - hits a faceup jumpshot from 18 feet off a pick and pop…really has potential in this regard

7:40 mark - covers roughly 17 feet of ground in 2 steps to get from 1 side of the court to the other for a tip in…shows you how long this kid really is

Snow said yesterday he is most certainly a top 100 kid, already was set to get his 4th star and has 2 years to develope. Love this addition.

Thanks for the video

Jon’s future is incredibly bright IMO. He still has two full years of development in front of him and this video sampling allays a lot of concerns regarding movement. He is fairly agile and nimble even at this stage, and laterally he has some tools. He undoubtedly will get input from the staff these next two years to facilitate his growth along with his natural HS progression. There is a lot to like here regardless of the inevitable rise in rankings. Nice pickup!

More game footage…I’ll tell you what #12 has some range on that shot. Reminds me of a better shooting version of DJ Cooper…I’m going to have to do some digging on him, looks like a decent player.

Anyway, here are notes of interest for Teske:

3:30 - changes from defense to offense well for the dunk

3:42 - good helpside rotation for a block without fouling

3:50 - block against a 2 on 1 fastbreak

4:25 - very nice footwork and pumpfake, his shot was blocked because of the lack of verticality and aggression - but still nice to see that his footwork isn’t horrible

8:35 - great touch pass in the post for an assist

8:40 - sticks with offensive player on the perimeter without using hands at all, his agility forces offensive player to fall…this was VERY impressive for a kid 6’10

Compiled a bunch of Teske video out there floating around into one video

Thanks, should be much easier to get a feel in a comprehensive clip as opposed to my fragmented approach.


Thanks for the video reference and the effort. Haven’t even watched the clips yet, but when I do I will be interested to see if I notice the same things.

One thing that does appear evident though, is that the coaches found a shot blocker/defender that will not be a liability on offense.