Jon Rothstein practice tweets



Main interesting point there is the positive talk about Eli Brooks. If he can be a contributor then that would be a very interesting dynamic for the backcourt.

The starting lineup is what you’d expect to hear.


The Eli Brooks tweet is very interesting… can’t wait to find out which of the freshmen factor into the rotation


Is it just me or is “top 25” too low if DJ had returned? More like top 10-15.

If Z is improved as everyone says AND there’s a palpable buzz around Eli WHILE Jaaron is expected to start, it should be fun to watch the PG position this year.


I agree with Brendan ( in that I’d be shocked if Simmons wasn’t starting.


Yeah, I had us around 15 if DJ returned. Without him I’d put us somewhere between 24-30 or so to start the year.


Yeah as the buzz has built up, I’ve been thinking that Brooks might end up taking Poole’s spot in the rotation.


had DJ returned, we would be top 10.


Or Take Poole’s minutes at the 2 and push Jordan to the 3.


Poole at 3 could give Matthews more playing time at 4…In my opinion Matthews playing at 4 some is more likely than Wagner playing much at 4.


Personally I think Poole is most likely to play at the 3. And have thought that for a while. Just easier to maximize his most important skill from that spot, especially early.

Whether Brooks is ready or not, with Simmons, MAAR and Simpson at the 1/2 there’s not going to be a lot of extra minutes there anyways.


One thing to keep in mind as far as that goes is that freshman at Michigan only play 1 of the 3 positions. It’s something that Anthony Wright said on Twitter prior to last year’s season and it really does seem to hold true. Basically, learning both the “guard” and the “wing” position is too complex for a freshman. So, I think it’s pretty likely that both Poole and Brooks have been slotted in to learn guard this year, and thus will be restricted to the guard spot.

I believe that Ibi was slotted in at wing and then only played the wing position all year last year. It’s possible that they decided to slot Poole at the wing position, but I doubt it, I guess.


This is true for the most part. For example, Nik only played the 3 as a freshman then moved to the 2 as a sophomore.


Yep, this is all hypothetical in my mind and flowing from tons of unwarranted assumptions… Hypothetically, If Simmons, z, Brooks, Poole, Matthews and Wagner are by far the best players on the team we could make that lineup work easily. It is unlikely but that core of players would erase the weak link defensively at 4…And probably erase any concerns of not having enough elite fire power from 3 point range.


Livers and Matthews will be key to addressing the defensive issues at the 4. I guess maybe Wagner too, but I am in a believe it when I see it mindset about Wagner playing the 4 and it being good for Michigan.


I agree with the general statement, but I think Poole may very well be slotted at the 3 as a freshman, before moving to the 2 thereafter. Tim and Nick both went through this progression (as did Matt Vogrich before them). The 3 seems to be the easier position to learn, and it might provide an opportunity for Poole to get defined, yet limited minutes (say 5-8 per game to replace Matthews) as a freshman.


Once again, Ibi is a forgotten man. No mention of Davis either, but he got a shoutout from Beilein in the presser.

It’s good to hear that Matthews’ jump shot is improved. But shooting well in practice is not the same as shooting well in a game. I am still skeptical about that part of his game.

Excited about Eli.


Yeah, I think Ibi and Poole are fighting fort hose backup wing minutes.


I cant see how Ibi wouldnt be the front runner for those minutes unless Poole just lights up the nets. Ibi is more athletic, bigger, has a year of exp in the system and should have a good shooting stroke.


I think the argument would be that Poole could be the better shooter.