Jon Horford - was he correct?

Very impressive tonight, finished with 17pts, 7reb, 3 blocks. Knocked down Three 3s as well. Im happy for the guy. If he can go to Florida and be successful, more power to him.

We will see - time will tell. Good for him if it works out well for him. I am impressed by his stat line, didn’t get to see the game though. I will be interested to see Florida play throughout the year to see how he looks.

I would’ve gone to the game, but I had an exam tonight :frowning:

Let’s not assume that the decision to leave UM was all Jon and just leave it at that.

Good for him. Would love to see it work in reverse once in a while…a 5th year transfer INTO the program to fill a need would be nice.

Well Florida is missing like 3 other post guys so we will see what happens when they return. Max Beifeldt just scored 18 points for Michigan. So I don’t think Horford was right at all, but we will know more in a couple months

Florida is terrible. Congrats, Jon, you play more minutes on a team that isn’t good at all.

I don’t think we are much better. We just had to ride our 5 most experienced guys for an entire half just to eek out a win against Detroit. And we aren’t missing several guys like the Gators.

Them missing guys is why he is playing. Can’t have it both ways by saying he’s making the right choice and he’s playing big minutes when they are short handed

Horford had some decent stat lines for us last year, but they were pretty much all against lower tier competition. I suspect that when Florida gets into the tougher portion of their schedule (such as that is for an SEC team), and returns their injured players, Horford will not be impressing anyone with his numbers very often.

I’ve watched two Florida games, and Horford has looked as awkward as ever in both. He lit up Miami, but a couple of his missed shots were lol-worthy. No way does Horford end the season scoring in double figures.

Horford was better then anybody wanted to admit, and this would have been his year to shine. I don’t really know why he left, as he would have started this year and just by the sheer attention Michigan’s backcourt generates each game he would have gotten touches and put up numbers. It’s unfortunate because I don’t think Florida is that good this year they have been to the elite 8 the last 4 years in a row as well as the final four last year and lost pretty much all their starters from those teams this past year. Donovan is a great coach and im sure they will win a good number of games this year in the SEC, but I don’t think they are going to be a big player in the NCAA tournament. I like Donnals game though and think he will be fine at the 5 once the season wears on, he and as well as Chatman just need to get their confidence up.

Disagree with the above. Horford just isn’t that good. He’s a capable backup, but any team that is starting Horford is probably doing things like going into OT with Louisiana-Monroe at home.

I think the better question is this - if Horford isn’t that good, why not? He spent 4 years at UM, he should be ready for a starting role at UF, no?

He’s not that good for several reasons.

First, he basically played about two full years for us. His freshman year he played a bit, but his minutes weren’t extensive. The following year, he got hurt about six games into the year and missed the rest. His third and fourth years, he played, but rarely started.

More importantly, he just hasn’t shown much. The past two years, we’ve been a great offensive team with literally about 6-7 guys who were better scoring options than Jon (maybe more like 7-8).

I think the better question is this - if Horford isn't that good, why not? He spent 4 years at UM, he should be ready for a starting role at UF, no?

Not everyone has “it”. Even the best coaches in the country have players that don’t improve much.

I think the better question is this - if Horford isn't that good, why not? He spent 4 years at UM, he should be ready for a starting role at UF, no?

And by the way, we just got a warning for this. Turning another thread into a platform for you to complain about our coaching… Grow up, man.

Not complaining about the coaching, I’m essentially agreeing with to the extent that to a large degree most players have a certain ceiling, and coaching/development can only do so much. In other words, recruiting>>>>>>>development.

As it relates to Horford, I think the truth most likely falls somewhere in the middle. Horford has more talent than what he was allowed to showcase under JB, but I certainly don’t think he’s a 17 and 7 guy either. I don’t think UM did much in the way of developing Horford but I also think Horford had an inherent ceiling on his abilities if that makes sense. Probably for the best that he transferred

I think there’s no doubt Horford would develop better in an offense that throws the ball to the post frequently. Of course. It’s rather telling IMO that MSU runs such an offense, and Horford played high school ball right down the road, but Izzo never offered.

It’s way more complicated than “coaching” versus “recruiting.” Much of it is finding guys who fit what you are trying to do and then developing their talents within that scheme. A guy like Stauskas, for example, might have been a four year player at a Kansas, for example - less early playing time, and his skill set doesn’t fit their offense nearly as good as it fit ours.

That’s the challenge - recruiting players who can be stars within the offense you run, whether they are perceived as stars by the recruting gurus or not.

Fit matters much more when the recruit is a marginal talent vs a legit, elite talent. Andrew Wiggins wouldn’t have been a very good “fit” considering our 3 heavy system. That being said, you tailor the system to fit that type of player. Wiggins would’ve been the second best player on the team last year at minimum, and easily the best player on the roster if considering defense. Recruit upper tier players and fit matters much less than it would otherwise