John Beilein voted cleanest college coach


Also, this:

A few quotes from John Beilein on leadership, coaching

Wow, JB voted the cleanest coach in a landslide. Really impressive having as much success as he’s had in the way that he has. And fun to root for.


Bizarre take by the author on Beilein’s fit at UM, post-scandal no less. You’d think his tidy image is exactly why he was a good fit. They were done with that down-low sh**.
“I did not love the hire at the time.
And the reason was simple: I didn’t think a by-the-book coach was a good fit at Michigan – a place that historically needs to recruit Detroit to be successful, a place that once enrolled and celebrated the Fab Five.”


Bizarre? I’ve heard similar sentiments from so-called fans.

That said, I’m not surprised that a national guy still believes that Michigan needs to operate in the grey areas of recruiting to succeed, even this far removed from the Fab Five / Traylor and Bullock.


How about irrational? Clueless? Lacking contextual knowledge?


I don’t want to put words in someone else’s mouth, but I think the sentiment from the author was:
He felt Michigan needed to recruit Detroit to be successful
He felt (still feels?) you can’t succesfully recruit Detroit w/o skirting/playing in the deep grey areas of NCAA rules

Perhaps the sentiment was more of an indictment on the Detroit prep basketball power brokers than on Beilein as a coach?

And to be honest, UM’s rise under Beilein has come by recruiting Indiana & Ohio over Detroit…so author may have been correct on Detroit recruiting but incorrect on UM’s fortunes being tied Detroit recruits?


This was my take as well.

Also amazed at the margin of victory for coach. Impressed, but amazed.


Well, we have heard from some members of the board that Beilein isn’t well-liked in Detroit basketball circles. Perhaps because he refuses to play by their rules.