John Beilein Coaching Influence


This was an awesome article

I agree DeAngelo, Adam, thanks for posting. We are blessed by having many talented writers covering Michigan Basketball.

We are doubly blessed by the coach leading them being such a good subject for said articles.

I’ve always been a Michigan fan. Grew up there. Spent falls at the Big House, tailgates on the fairway. But, I was always way more into the UM football as a kid, even though I played basketball year round (never played football seriously).

I’m 30, so barely remember the Fab Five era. Wasn’t too inspired by what came after. John Beilein is what made me a huge Michigan hoops fan. He is a legend of the craft, and it is largely left unacknowledged.

After I entered teaching, and then coaching–I really became a JB fanatic. Aside from relating to his personal journey, I could appreciate his genius on another level as I learned about what it takes to run a program. It’s truly insane how much minutiae you need to analyze. It’s weird to feel like such a fan boy as an adult, but my admiration for him was validated by the similar feelings expressed by other coaches in this article. Glad to know I’m not that crazy.


Well, I’m a 71 year old fan boy! I appreciate your story, Kellen, and I appreciate that you’ve entered the greatest profession one could possibly choose.

I became enamored with Michigan Basketball back in the mid sixties during the era of Bill Buntin and Cazzie Russell. I was a Michigan Basketball fan before I became an avid, almost vicious, Michigan Football fan, even though I played a lot more football than basketball.

John Beilein is simply the greatest Michigan basketball coach ever. Frankly, I think he’s the best baskeball coach in the state of Michigan…ever! Go Blue!