Joe Alexander - WVU

Does anyone remember how Beilein used Joe Alexander at WVU?

For some reason when I think of adding Cole Huff it reminds me of Joe Alexander.
A big wing player…though I think Huff is a much better shooter than Alexander ever was at WVU.

Anyone know? Was he more of a “3” player or a “4” player?

I know he was more of a face up player when JB was the coach. When Huggins took over and Alexander became a star, he played a decent amount with his back to the basket. And you’re correct, Alexander was not much of a shooter from deep. Midrange he was pretty good, but not from deep.

thanks - watching that video…man he was athletic! His game seems a bit different from Huff. I was just thinking Alexander played the “3” and Ruoff played the “2” for Beilein.

In any case, I’d like to see Huff play a true “wing” position…Irvin - Huff - Chatman (Wilson).

We could have 6’6" … 6’8" … 6’8"/6’9" on the floor for our wing positions. I’d love that!