Jett could cause a controversy (Too Big to Play the 2 or the 3)

Franz is almost 6’11 and he was not too big to play 3 and to run offense through.


Jett is definitely not too big for the 3. You can also play through any position.


Height is pretty much meaningless in determining position for someone like Jett. Does he have guard and perimeter oriented skills or does he play down low and have limited range?


I agree! Well…Kobe, too. Now THAT’S the impressive Camp Sanderson photo I hope to see!


Friggin Magic Johnson played Guard at 6’9”. Where someone plays on the court is as much about the team makeup and individual skill of the player as it is about the size of the player. I’m sure JW will find a fit for Jett somewhere on the court. We were playing pretty well at the end of this season so we know Howard and his Assistants can coach basketball.

Height is meaningless (unless of course we are discussing John Beilein’s height, then I’ll bite.)

Franz Wagner was a 6’10 SG.

Zack Novak was a 6’4 PF.

Jordan Morgan was a 6’8 C.