Jaylen Johnson

committed to Louisville this morning.

Another option gone

nice pickup for Louisville. nice choice by Johnson.

Michigan’s stretch four’s off the board - Looney, Robinson, Johnson

Options left: Bolden, Chantham, Wilson, Cunningham, Chatman

Give me Chatman or Bolden! I think Chantham could play more of a 3 if needed still giving us a slot for a dedicated 4.

I meant Grantham could play more of a 3. Got my Kamerons and Dontes confused.

Congrats to Jaylen.

Give me Chatman or Bolden! I think Chantham could play more of a 3 if needed still giving us a slot for a dedicated 4.

I’ll take any two of the 3. They all seem like they’d be pretty interchangeable at the 3 and 4.

No offer … No surprise … Limited spots in this class and the next Beilein can afford to be picky …

Didn’t see a better recent spot for this. I was kind of annoyed with MLive rehashing the Jaylen Johnson story. I know it’s an easy story to write before the Louisville game but the reasons why Michigan didn’t offer were never given or even suggested.

I’m tired of the kids who are understanding when State passes on them but are bent if Michigan doesn’t offer them or show them enough love, whatever that means these days.


I’m still salty. Sounds like a kid who really needed to get an offer to take a school seriously, despite being on Michigan’s campus a lot. This is why Bronny James has elite D1 offers as a 12 year old. He may not have understood Michigan’s process, but his mom or one of his coaches certainly could have clued him in on this.

He was a State fan as a kid, so don’t give me the “home town team” crap. It took Michigan playing in the title game to get consideration. Frontrunners gonna frontrun.

Also sounded star struck by the name value of Pitino. No questions by Mayo or Snyder about the name value of Izzo in comparison, but with these being Michigan puff pieces leading up to the Louisville game I shouldn’t expect follow up questions.


I think there’s probably a little more clarity as to what was required to get Jaylen Johnson to take your school seriously now.

Chirstian Dawkins was his AAU coach and handling the recruitment.


I have no problem believing those 4 schools are involved in play for pay.

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I swear, some of y’all complaining about other posters missed out on a doozy with Ben (Not this post, just in general).

It’s interesting to see some of the old names.