Jaron Faulds the back up 5 next year?

After watching Teske get into foul trouble and then seeing Coach have to go to Davis and then play small ball what kind of player will be Faulds be for coach B and Michigan next year? Played at Columbia last year didn’t look bad but he was playing at Columbia lol. Thoughts on what to expect from him??

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I completely forgot he existed, although I think the plan is for Castleton to be ready for consistent minutes at the 5 next year.


I’d like Faulds to get tick. I think he’s a better low post defender than Davis. He was super physical in high school down low without fouling. He could just walk up and it worked. Granted the size difference most the time helped but he physically rarely got bumped around. Mobility was his biggest issue. Always seemed a little stiff. But he passes well and finishes solid around the rim. And he got more tick last year as a true freshman at Columbia than Davis has played his entire career. Technically he’s the 2nd most experienced player on our roster at center but he played more MPG than Teske or Davis last season I believe. Ivy League is way lower but it’s still D1 experience nonetheless.

What a nice problem to have, too many bigs. I dont think coach B has ever had that.

Well… Only one has really proven himself to be a consistent Big Ten level contributor. Obviously it’s better to have a lot of options when there’s so many unknowns though.

True, hopefully sitting year will be good for him.

Not long ago, Wagner, Donnal, Wilson, Teske and Davis.

I would pump the brakes on the “too many bigs” talk considering the situation Michigan is in right now without a reliable backup center.


Hopefully Johns can overtake Davis as the backup in the next month and hopefully he, Castleton, and Faulds are capable back ups next season. Would love to see everything to come together for Castleton over the offseason allowing Johns to play some 4 also next year.

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It’s also possible that Davis is still suffering from the effects of his ankle sprain. Not saying it’s keeping him from achieving stardom, but we saw last year with Livers that it can create a lingering issue for certain players.

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Interesting thought from Coach B after the game.

[ Brandon Johns, has played just 29 minutes all year but could be close to breaking into the rotation, according to Beilein.


Anyone but Davis.


LOL well lets hope that some of these upcoming games will give Johns some opportunity to get some play

Johns dominated Faulds in high school.