Jaron Faulds takes the road less traveled to Michigan



Ahhh, “The Road Less Traveled,” one of my favorite poems. It IS a great concept. Not everyone takes that road, perhaps only a very few. Not all who take that less traveled road find success, but those who do often find great reward. Oftentimes it makes “all the difference.” I’m rooting for this young man…to find his path at Michigan.


If Michigan had used one of their scarce scholarships on Faulds I would be concerned. As a preferred walk-on this is a GREAT signing. I know it is a highlight tape, but in those clips you see him being a rotation player against major college programs like PSU and BC. If that’s your 13th guy and the person pushing the scout team in practice the team will benefit from it. He’s instant insurance against unexpected injuries, departures, or foul trouble.

Longer term he also seems to have some upside. The fact that he was at Columbia implies intelligence and I could see that in his highlight tape (all caveats understood). He found his way to spots around the basket, he got open, he boxed out, he used some crafty post moves to score, etc. I only saw one jump shot in that entire tape so who knows if he has much of a ceiling, but as someone to have in the program without giving up a scholarship I think this is excellent.

The comparison I’d make is to Max Bielfeldt. Max barely played for most of his career and then jumped into the rotation later after some players left and his skills improved enough to contribute. He was always limited and not your ideal rotation piece, but he held his own and did some dirty work - eventually starting his 5th year for Indiana. Now imagine that Max was a preferred walk-on who already played division-1 for Columbia and was a few inches taller…


With him playing the big on the scout team, it will free up Davis and Castleton to concentrate on our defensive and offensive sets.