Jaelin Llewellyn granted medical hardship waiver


Inserts pretend shocked face, as I assumed this was pretty much a done deal

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It was a cut and dry case, but the waiver still has to be approved, I suppose.


I’ll gladly take an experienced backup guard who knows the system and was expected to start. Even with the ACL recovery, he should be a solid option off the bench.


Good for JL and I’m happy that this was resolved fairly quickly.


Added clips from last year to the front page story:

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Commute thoughts


you’re not wrong about most of what you said here, but there sure was a surprising amount of venom and yelling, and I’m not sure you needed to call so many of your fellow posters such rude names. anyway, hope the fender bender you got into around the 3 minute mark doesn’t have too many major consequences!


A soothing listen as I made my late morning pour over.


JL’s Michigan highlights? It’s my birthday!


You missed your calling in the voiceover industry. Quit your day job right now and start going on voiceover auditions immediately.


I listened through the message once and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then I listened through it again pretending it was Kendall Roy from Succession saying every word and it was infinitely more enjoyable


I listened to that 4 times and was Mesmerized! J/k I heard it once and enjoyed it - cheers!

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Suppose he’ll hit the portal now?


I think the team announced he’ll be back with Michigan but that’s actually a pretty interesting idea if we wanted to pursue Dingle


Re: “mathematical” defense, I think it’s interesting that (1) you can see that Yaklich/Donlon effect immediately in 3PA/FGA and A/FGM (2) that actually it seems like the biggest Juwan effect is their turnover rate. The “guard your yard/no help” style has been less pronounced—wisely, given the personnel.

Can also see what made that ‘21 defense so good was that they were able to both help at the rim and prevent 3’s. That Franz guy might’ve been pretty good.


Yeah I was just looking at 21 the other day and that defense was just nuts. Didn’t let you shoot 3s, but they also had a top 5 2 pt defense.

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it’s an argument for a Franz-shaped guy rather than an HD-shaped guy as your rim protector right?

hang on.

I want to phrase it in a way that’s less obvious than “Franz Wagner is a better defender than Hunter Dickinson.”

How about –

If you’re building an elite defense, your lowest post defender can sacrifice touch at one end for verticality at the other.

HD has his bag of zero-vert offensive moves, but by the same token he is limited when contesting opponents.

I am trying to sound smart. How am I doing

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I think it means you want more than just one big center as a rim protector. See: Bucks, Milwaukee.

I agree with that. I think having an elite perimeter defender with length and switchability is the key to an elite defense more so than a rim protecting center. Don’t get me wrong, having someone more athletic than Hunter to protect the rim is valuable, but if you’re relying on them to clean up all of the perimeter messes I think your ceiling is limited. Having Franz Wagner or Charles Matthews is really what elevates your defense. Those two guys are also a big part of all the fancy numbers in the table since those are two of the best defenders I’ve ever seen watching Michigan basketball the last 30 years.